Castenschiold Signum Rum
Castenschiold RUM

Castenschiold RUM

Castenschiold Signum Rum, heir to a great name

325-year-old family tradition in a new light –

In the historical city of Flensburg, we look back on a long tradition of rum producers. The precious cane sugar for the production came directly from the Danish colonies of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. When the city was still part of the Danish kingdom, there were over 200 rum companies which
benefited from trading with the Caribbean colonies. Unfortunately, there is hardly anything left of this glamor of the 18th and 19th centuries.

One of the youngest and at the same time oldest among the Flensburg rum manufacturers is the Castenschiold Vestindien Rum Company. The owner and founder of the brand, Sönke Castenschiold, is a direct descendant of Jørgen Carstensen, who sailed to the Caribbean island of St. Thomas in 1694
as a 16-year-old Flensburg orphan. There he worked for his uncle, the governor of the island. It wasn’t long before the first pots of Kildywel – the early form of rum, were exported to Denmark under the supervision of his uncle. By purchasing the Mosquito Bay estate and other profitable
decisions, Jørgens son Johan Lorentz consolidated the family’s influence in the sugar and rum business. Johan Lorentz was knighted in 1745 for his services to the Danish Crown, taking the family name Castenschiold.

Based on this long family tradition in the sugar and rum business, Castenschiold developed a rum that should prove to be worthy of this long history. After a variety of careful tastings, the Signum was finally born. A handpicked blend of high quality eight year rum from the Caribbean and, among others, an incredibly old rum from Latin America, traditionally pot-still and column-still produced. The result is a product that that lives up to its traditional heritage in every respect. “Our Signum Rum impresses mostly everyone who tries it for the first time. Due to the long barrel storage, it has a slightly woody bouquet and nuances of liquorice, roasted coffee and caramel”, explains the company owner. “The long maturation process at Caribbean temperatures gives the Castenschiold Rum its incomparably mild aroma, the storage in bourbon and former Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels ensures the fine notes of this premium product.”

For more information:
Reprint free of charge, specimen copy to: Castenschiold Rum, Moltkestrasse 15, 24937 Flensburg or contact


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